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Jon Anderson Fimo Creations

Fimo Creations - by Jon Stuart Anderson
We individually photograph all of the pieces so the piece you order is the one you will receive.
Click on a photo below or use the menu on the left side to see the full selection.

Jon Anderson Lizard
Baby Lizard 2017

Jon Anderson Rabbits
Rabbits 2017

Jon Anderson Snake
Baby Snake 2017

Jon Anderson Wolf

Jon Anderson Road Runner

Jon Anderson Polar Bear
Grizzly Bear

Jon Anderson Frogs

Jon Anderson Buffalo
Running Buffalo 2016

Jon Anderson Cats

Horned Toads

Jon Anderson Buffalo
Buffalo New 2017

Jon Anderson Gecko

Jon Anderson Owls

Jon Anderson Fimo Baby Sets
Elk 2016

Jon Anderson Rams

Jon Anderson Ducks
Ducks Retired

Jon Anderson Tree Frog
Tree Frog

Jon Anderson Turtle

Jon Anderson Elephants

Jon Anderson Horse

Jon Anderson Buffalo
Buffalo Retired

Jon Anderson Fimo Baby Sets
Ram 2015

Jon Anderson Bears

Jon Anderson Giraffe

Jon Anderson Penguin

Jon Anderson Jewelry
Tile Pendants

Jon Anderson Giraffe
Jumbo Gecko

Spirit  Pendants
Tree Frog Pendant

Jon Anderson Tree Frog
Elephant Pendant

Jon Anderson Polar Bear
Sea Turtle Pendant

Spirit  Pendants
Horse Pendant

Jon Anderson Tree Frog
Dolphin Pendant

Jon Anderson Polar Bear
Owl Pendant

Each of Jon's sculptures are handmade. Because of this each animal is unique. We individually photograph all of the pieces (except for the spirit pendants) so the piece you order is the one you will receive.

Jon Andersons Fimo Creations
Fimo Sculptures by artist Jon Stuart Anderson

There are many forms of fimo creations but none so interesting as those by Jon Anderson. He has taken a page from the intricacies of millifoire glass and applied similar techniques to creating fimo canes and subsequent tiles that he then places on various animal shapes. The final fimo animal is incredibly detailed with superb shadings only attainable by the lengthy cane making process. What you see on the finished fimo sculpture as a small quarter inch tile of ladybug may have started out as a design over 6 inches across.

One of the more enjoyable parts of our dealing with his work is that it is constantly changing. When Jon makes a particular cane and cuts it into the small tiles his studio will use to make the fimo sculptures it is a unique design in a limited number of pieces defined by the size of the cane. It will be used along with hundreds of other tiles to make any given fimo animal and when it is finally used up its gone and no longer available in exactly the same way. If for instance you purchased a piece last year and it had a beautiful humming bird used on it we can't get the same piece again this year. All of the pieces you see pictured on this site have been individually photographed so that you are seeing the actual piece you are getting. So if you see something you love, bookmark the page, and come back in a month it may well have been sold and replaced with a newer piece.

I love photographing his work because when it is on my computer as a complete photo image before I crop and shrink it for the web I can see far more detail than I can holding the piece in my hand. I notice little things that I would miss otherwise and call Karen in to see the line of small buffalo curving around like a small chain or the whale tails on the penguins, etc. etc.. It's a wonder we get any work done at all those days.So now being a bit more familiar with his work:

Select from the menu to the left to see the complete range of his sculpture.

Each piece has been individually photographed so you are buying the actual piece shown.
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